family portrait

Martin Family Portrait

Seattle Family photographer Daniel Sheehan photographs the Martin Family

A recent portrait o f the Martin Family in a Seattle park near their Lake Washington residence.

Narby Family Portrait

narby-family-photoWanted to post this recent family portrait of Tim Narby an his family and the family winery Note Bene Cellars.

Newborn Baby Frieda

I finally got to meet Frieda when she was almost one week old. What a beautiful baby girl with such very long fingers. She will probably grow up and be a concert pianist.
Here are a few of my favorite images of her and her parents.

Newborn baby with dad

Bella Belly Baby Harper Turns Two

couple of times I

Two years ago I photographed the baby belly of Molly when she was 9 months pregnant on a Sunday afternoon. Then on tuesday the bella baby Harper came popped out of the belly and into the world. Although I have photographed her a couple of times I wanted to post an update now that she just turned 2. Harper loves playing “Where’s the baby” with me. What a sweet child.

Harper with Molly and Alice.

Family Portrait of the Campbell Family

 Gasworks Park was where I met up with the Greg Campbell family for a portrait secession. It is a great location and has a great variety of different backdrops to choose from including this industrial look to the skyline over LAke Union to the huge green hill.

Family Portrait of Tegan At 9 Months

Saturday was a beautiful day and I went around to photograph Tegan and her family. I had first met her a couple of days ago when Margo, her mom, and I were at a dinner aparty with an old friend who was back in Seattle for a short visit. We had a grand reunion and so it came to pass that I was asked to come and do some pictures of Tegan who is now 9 months old. What a sweetheart. Tegan in Welsh means pretty and so she is. Here are some of my favorite shots from the portrait session. Here is a link to the web gallery of all of the family pictures.

Patricia Turns 90

Patricia was surprised to see me upon first entering Suzzane’s house for her 90th birthday party. I had gone up to Victoria just for her party. One does not turn ninety very often and I had to be there to see her face. I have uploaded all of the photographs to a web gallery here: birthday party photos   Below are a sample of a few of my favorites.

Ana and Her Twins

I have been meaning to post this photograph of Ana and her twin sons for some time. On ocassion I still shot portraits on black and white film and really love how it looks. If you ever decide you would like me to photograph your family consider asking me to photograph the timeless way with black and white film. I still have a freezer of Tri-X and all of my old Leicas and Hasselblad cameras in good working order.

Big Brother and Little Sister Portrait | Seattle Child Portraits

Photographed another family recently and loved seeing the interaction of this 4 1/2 year old brother and his 2 year old sister. While the weather was cold outside it was warm inside photographing these great kids.

Portrait Photography by Seattle photographer Daniel Sheehan creating portraits for publications and a Seattle Wedding Photographer with an artistic photojournalist style.

Seattle Children Photography

I had a family photo session today and I just wanted to put up one image from it before I even finish editing the whole take. I really like this shot of a sister and her younger brother. She is quite the big sister this girl.
Portrait Photography by Seattle photographer Daniel Sheehan creating portraits for publications and a Seattle Wedding Photographer with an artistic photojournalist style.


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