Seattle Family & Children’s Portrait Photographer

Family Portrait of A Winemaker

Tim Narby and family in the winery of Nota Bene Cellars, Seattle.

Tim Narby is the owner and winemaker at Nota Bene Cellars making some of the finest wine to come out of the best vineyards of Eastern Washington.

Just a note about this picture. I usually do not go into technical talk but I have been working with an old Hassleblad and black and white film and I really like the look of film. It has been a while since I worked with a film camera every day and I am getting the hang of it again. Last time I worked with the Hasselblad was more than 15 years ago. I gave them up and moved on to a Mamiya RZ 67 when I became tired of the square format. Lately I have been missing it so I got myself a new old camera, the lens was made in 1975 and the body in 1980. The lens is a beautiful 110 f/2 Planar. and it looks tack sharp even after all these years. I will be using it for as many kinds of assignments as I see fit from now on. It is back to the future with film. Photography by editorial photographer and photojournalist Daniel Sheehan who covers jazz performances, and creates portrait photography for publications and corporations. He is also a Seattle Wedding Photographer at A Beautiful Day Photography, a wedding photographer with an artistic photojournalist style.


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