Seattle Family & Children’s Portrait Photographer

Newborn Baby Sam @ One Month On

I photographed Tom and Lisa when they got married a couple of years ago and Francis when she was little so now it was baby Sam’s turn for a baby picture.
Sam was napping when I arrived. I let sleeping baby sleep. Nothing cuter than a sleeping baby.

Except for a yawning baby.

Sam was not happy when he woke up and saw me with my camera in his face. I can not blame him.

Lisa gave him a topping off which put him in a better mood.

Then Francis came over to get in on the fun. I will post a separate entry for a few of her pictures later in the week.
Photographs by Seattle Wedding Photographer Daniel Sheehan at A Beautiful Day Photography who creates wedding photography as well as other kind of people photography in an artistic, editorial fashion in classic photojournalist style. Portrait Photographer and photojournalist Daniel Sheehan also creates portraits for publications when he is not engaged with brides, grooms and later their babies.

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