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The Davies Family Portraits




Luz Davies asked me to photograph her family this year at Christmas and we had a great time. Here are some of the pictures we made.














Martin Family Portrait

Seattle Family photographer Daniel Sheehan photographs the Martin Family

A recent portrait o f the Martin Family in a Seattle park near their Lake Washington residence.

Riding the Big Wheel on Her Birthday

Riding on the Big Wheel In Seattle


Riding on the Big Wheel on the Seattle waterfront on her birthday was a big treat for Claire and her friends.

New Born Baby – Happy Birthday

New born baby right after birth in hospital New born baby Claire gets used to being out in the air 10 minutes after being born at Swedish Hospital 11 years ago today. Happy Birthday Claire. Nice hat they gave you there. I almost forgot that detail.


Mom with newborn baby in hospital with sibling sister.

Trick Or Treat Girls out on Halloween

Here is Claire’s pack of trick or treaters heading out for their mission on Halloween night.

Ten – Claire Genevieve Birthday Portrait

Walking the dogs to school with Claire this morning I was remembering back ten years ago today to morning she was born not too far from here at Swedish Hospital about 8:30 AM. Happy Birthday Claire.

With one of her best friends Clara, and border collies Charlie and Luna.

OLOT – Lakeside 2012

Yesterday I was able to photograph a group of Lakeside students as they were about to leave for the annual OLOT dance at Fremont Abbey. They assembled at the home of Roger and Nancy Lewis, parents of Lewis and the above picture was taken on the steps of their lovely home. Click here for a link to a web gallery of the entire set of images I collected.

Here are a couple more images.


Family Portrait of the Campbell Family

 Gasworks Park was where I met up with the Greg Campbell family for a portrait secession. It is a great location and has a great variety of different backdrops to choose from including this industrial look to the skyline over LAke Union to the huge green hill.


An old picture of Claire as a baby in beautiful July evening light.

Family Portrait of Tegan At 9 Months

Saturday was a beautiful day and I went around to photograph Tegan and her family. I had first met her a couple of days ago when Margo, her mom, and I were at a dinner aparty with an old friend who was back in Seattle for a short visit. We had a grand reunion and so it came to pass that I was asked to come and do some pictures of Tegan who is now 9 months old. What a sweetheart. Tegan in Welsh means pretty and so she is. Here are some of my favorite shots from the portrait session. Here is a link to the web gallery of all of the family pictures.