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First Day of High School


Photographed Claire on her firs day of school as she began at Nova High School in September.

2015 OLOT

olot_3_21_15_005Last Saturday evening I photographed a number of Lakeside students getting ready to go off to the 2015 OLOT at the Seattle Aquarium. Here are some of the pictures.

olot_3_21_15_007  olot_3_21_15_010  olot_3_21_15_014  olot_3_21_15_016  olot_3_21_15_023  olot_3_21_15_028
olot_3_21_15_029  olot_3_21_15_030

The Davies Family Portraits




Luz Davies asked me to photograph her family this year at Christmas and we had a great time. Here are some of the pictures we made.














Cousins visit Seattle

Seattle family photographer Daniel Sheehan photographed his family leaving for SLovakia after a 5 week visit this summer.


Ema and Claire’s cousins visited Seattle this summer for five weeks and on the last day I made these photos of them leaving for their trip back to Bratislava, Slovakia. We all had a great time during their visit and it was hard to see them leave.

Seattle family photographer Daniel Sheehan photographed his family leaving for SLovakia after a 5 week visit this summer.

Seattle family photographer Daniel Sheehan photographed his family leaving for SLovakia after a 5 week visit this summer.

Seattle family photographer Daniel Sheehan photographed his family leaving for SLovakia after a 5 week visit this summer.

Seattle family photographer Daniel Sheehan photographed his family leaving for SLovakia after a 5 week visit this summer.

Seattle family photographer Daniel Sheehan photographed his family leaving for SLovakia after a 5 week visit this summer.

Seattle family photographer Daniel Sheehan photographed his family leaving for SLovakia after a 5 week visit this summer.

Seattle family photographer Daniel Sheehan photographed his family leaving for SLovakia after a 5 week visit this summer.

Leaving Home


Ema is off in Senegal for a month to live in a remote village with 12 other students from her school. Her mom and sister saw her off at Seatac Airport on Sunday and here are some last pictures I made of her.















Dashing to Outrun the Waves

Girl out running the waves as they come the beach As the waves of the tide come in Claire out runs the water on the beach of Seaside, OR. Seaside is a city in Clatsop County, Oregon, United States. The name Seaside is derived from Seaside House, a historic summer resort built in the 1870s by railroad magnate Ben Holladay.

Narby Family Portrait

narby-family-photoWanted to post this recent family portrait of Tim Narby an his family and the family winery Note Bene Cellars.

OLOT – Lakeside 2012

Yesterday I was able to photograph a group of Lakeside students as they were about to leave for the annual OLOT dance at Fremont Abbey. They assembled at the home of Roger and Nancy Lewis, parents of Lewis and the above picture was taken on the steps of their lovely home. Click here for a link to a web gallery of the entire set of images I collected.

Here are a couple more images.


Family Portrait of the Campbell Family

 Gasworks Park was where I met up with the Greg Campbell family for a portrait secession. It is a great location and has a great variety of different backdrops to choose from including this industrial look to the skyline over LAke Union to the huge green hill.

Children’s Theatre | Taproot Theatre Summer Camp Production

The Taproot Theatre acting studio put on a production of “Law & Order, Fairy Tale Unit” yesterday, the culmination of a week long summer camp for children interesting in acting. Claire was interested and took part mainly as the character Pinochio, who could not tell a lie without it hurting her nose. Below the cast takes a bow at the end of the performance. Thanks to Sara Willy, Education Director at Taproot Theatre Company For more pictures see Children’s Theatre Pictures gallery.



Patricia Turns 90

Patricia was surprised to see me upon first entering Suzzane’s house for her 90th birthday party. I had gone up to Victoria just for her party. One does not turn ninety very often and I had to be there to see her face. I have uploaded all of the photographs to a web gallery here: birthday party photos   Below are a sample of a few of my favorites.

Ema Graduates

Ema and her class of 2011 graduated from Salmon Bay Monday night.
Here are a fw images from the evening/

In The Palm Of My Hand

Here is another older picture from when I could hold Claire in the palm of my hand,

EMA – Turning Fourteen Party at Carkeek Park With 80 of Her Friends from Salmon Bay School

So it came to pass that Ema was turning 14 and she decided to celebrate it with a party for 80 of her friends at Carkeek Park last Friday. They were all over the park most of the time and I was lucky to get this group of 40+ of them together for this large group picture. I hardly had time for making pictures as I was busy cooking hot dogs and serving hot chocolate to one and all who came over to the grill. It was good to see them all having fun running up the mountain, around the meadow and over the train tracks to the beach. Some even went into the frigid waters of the Puget Sound.

When I first tried to get together a group photo the light was great but it took quite a while getting everyone in the meadow to come together  around Ema who is sitting in this shot below. By the time they got it together the sun was down in the clouds and never returned. so the light up on the large group is a little flat. So it goes.


In any case the view of the sunset over the sound and Olympic mountains was wonderful and I had to make some frames of it before I went back to grill duty.

Oh. Just one more thing. I did get Ema to pause for a second for a quick headshot.

Just saying.

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Big Brother and Little Sister Portrait | Seattle Child Portraits

Photographed another family recently and loved seeing the interaction of this 4 1/2 year old brother and his 2 year old sister. While the weather was cold outside it was warm inside photographing these great kids.

Portrait Photography by Seattle photographer Daniel Sheehan creating portraits for publications and a Seattle Wedding Photographer with an artistic photojournalist style.

Panoramic Family Portrait Photography

This is the panoramic version of the large group family photograph I made on Christmas Ev. They are the VonDerlinn family reunited for the holidays at the family home on Cougar Mountain. It has a lot more air on both sides, but has lost some of the clouds in the sky. The sun was partly hidden behind some clouds in this version and I believe I shot the digital version from a higher vantage because more of the mountains are visible in the background. This one will look good when printed 12 x 36″ long.

Photographs on this website by Seattle photographer Daniel Sheehan © 2010. All Rights Reserved. Please inquire for permission before using. Family photograph by Seattle photographers Daniel Sheehan who creates portraits for publications and corporations and a wedding photographer of candid wedding photography.

Seaside Sisters

I took the girls down to Seaside OR for a few days after Thanksgiving. We had a blast. I think the most fun was chasing the tide as it came and went on the beach there. The pool in the hotel was very close I think. I will check back with them in a couple of days to see what remains the best highlight. The beach was for me. It was so great to be out in the sunshine.

Late November at the beach. What a wonder the Pacific is with its great waves and foam.

Portrait of A Devil

Claire wore this outfit for Halloween last weekend. It kind of shows off her inner child. Seattle photographer Daniel Sheehan also runs a wedding photographer business named “A Beautiful Day Photography” Explore the candid wedding photography there and see why Daniel was named the best wedding photographers in Seattle by the WPJA. Go to Seattle Wedding Photography at A Beautiful Day Photography and see candid wedding photos and large group panorama family portraits. To see editorial and corporate portrait photography for magazines and corporations, go to Daniel Sheehan Photography at Seattle Photographers.

Sisters at 12 and 7

Ema at 12
Claire at 7

Pumpkin Judging 2009

Here are the participants and pumpkins in the 200- annual pumpkin carving contest.

More on Walter at 3 Months

Here are the rest from the portrait session of Walter Dix at 3 Months.

Baby Photography – Walter at 3 Months

What a fun and interesting portrait session with baby Walter yesterday and so many fascinating images to choose from. I will put up this one as I go through the others and post a gallery later. Laurie, your son was such a fun subject to photograph. Bring on the babies.

Family Photograph at the Beach


Catherine and Christian wanted a family portrait with their son Yann for her dad so we headed off to Golden Gardens recently and got some beautiful light just before sunset. I shot this one of Yann first and then did some family photographs afterwards. The one below is the one her dad liked best. Family photographs by Seattle Photographer Daniel Sheehan at Seattle children photography studio Great Kid Pix. Daniel  specializing in  portraits and photography for families, publications and corporations, and photojournalistic Seattle wedding photography.


Slumber Party

Ema turned 12 last month and a couple of weeks had her slumber party. Some of them had to leave before everyone was up so this is not the whole group but it should give you an idea of what is was like.
Teh afternoon before Everyone hung out at the beach at Carkeek Park, burt that is another picture.